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Riding Through the Storm with Panasonic Ruggedised Surveillance Camera

Press release   •   Dec 09, 2016 10:57 +08

9 December 2016, Singapore – Panasonic’s new ruggedised Aero PTZ camera is power packed with features that can weather beating from tropical storms, harsh artic blizzards, extreme temperature changes and even gale-force winds. Outdoor surveillance even in the most extreme of weather conditions can now be delivered in full HD resolution.

The challenges of delivering high quality outdoor surveillance has become even greater with the global climate changes and erratic weather conditions, where current outdoor cameras in the market falls short of a complete solution to these challenges. Panasonic’s Aero PTZ camera set new benchmarks for performance and reliability in outdoor cameras.

“Asia’s infrastructures market is forecast to grow by 7-8% annually over the next decade, nearing US$5.3 trillion by 2025. This led to a growth in demand for surveillance solutions to ensure these critical infrastructures such as rail network, highways, airports, sea ports or even financial districts are protected against vandalism or terrorist attacks”, said Mr Masami Eguchi, General Manager of Security Solutions, PSSAP. “More importantly, high quality surveillance helps to ensure smooth operability and maintenance of these value assets.”

The Aero PTZ (WV-SUD638) is designed to ensure reliability in the toughest conditions while maintaining superior performance in capturing high quality surveillance footage.

Exceptional Image Stability and Clarity

A Video Stability Augment System (VSAS) has been built into the Aero PTZ to deliver exceptional image stabilisation, virtually eliminating any camera shake. The optional long-range IR LED capability can yield clear imagery with in low-light or no-light conditions of up to nearly 150m (approx. 500 feet).

Full HD Resolution with 360-Degree Viewing

The Aero PTZ offers Full HD resolution of 1080p at 60 fps with a 30X optical zoom lens with integrated image stabilisation. 360-degree Sphere Vision 3D viewing provides 360-degree continuous panning and +/- 90-degree tilt range, while Super Dynamic Light Range Compensation ensures a wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.

Highly Rugged, Aerodynamic Design

The IK10 certified camera is highly durable. Coupled with the aerodynamic spherical design, wind drag is minimises for heightened visual stability, even under high-wind load of 60m/s (approx. 134 mph).

Anti-Corrosion Protection with ISO14993 Certification

Every part of the camera is made to resist corrosion. The lightweight fiberglass body, anti-corrosion coated die-cast parts and screws enable the camera to perform even under high humidity, mist and salt environments.

Reliability in all Seasons & Weather

A wide operating temperature from –50 ºC to +55 ºC and rugged construction allows the Aero PTZ to be resilient in arctic-to-desert climate ranges. The camera conforms to IP66 and IP67, which means it can weather through passing storms and floods. Lens are also kept clean of rain and snow with the built-in wiper, while an integral heater keeps internal electronics operating at optimal temperatures as well as a defroster to keep the viewing lens clear.

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