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Panasonic Group Thailand celebrates World Environment Day with Panasonic Eco Relay Activity 2017

News   •   Jun 20, 2017 09:40 +08

With June 5 being the World Environment Day, Panasonic has designated June as the Environment Month. Panasonic Group Thailand has conducted a Panasonic Eco Relay 2017 environmental activity for the “Panasonic Reforestation for Natural Classroom”, which was held on Saturday, June 10, at the Eco Eye Village in the Khao Phra Sub-District at Nakornnayok.

The Eco Eyes Village is the recovery area which is made up of many species of local plants for biodiversity. This area will be developed to become the Natural Learning Center for the younger generation and locals to learn more about the environment, biodiversity and ecology system in the near future.

In this activity, Panasonic has collaborated with NGOs, Foundation for Environment Education for Sustainable Development (FEED), the Thai government; Khao Phra Sub-District Administration Organization, and the local Community along with teachers and student representatives from nearby schools.

“I really hope that this activity will increase volunteer awareness and knowledge on the importance of the environment and how this area could be the Natural Learning Center for the younger generation to learn about their environment,” Mr.Takeshi Nomoto; CEO of Panasonic Group, Thailand said.

Currently, Panasonic Group Thailand has a total of 400 volunteers, comprising of 334 persons from the Panasonic top management, employees, families, Panasonic Future Gear Scholarship students along with 66 teachers, students, villagers and offers of Khao Pra Sao. Together, they have planted 2000 young plants from 59 species.

All Area (30 Rai) of Eco Eyes Village consist of :

  • Provincial tree plantation
  • Reforestation Area (To comply with Theory of Prof. Dr. Akira Miyawaki, who introduced the concept of reforestation by natural preservation, achieved more than 1,500 sites worldwide)
  • Vegetable growing area
  • Fruit growing area
  • Organic farming and Rice growing area
  • Butterfly garden area
  • Water sources, lotus ponds and water diversity