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How to Put a Unique Accent on Indoor Ambience

Blog post   •   Sep 11, 2015 02:34 +08

Lighting solutions that improve living

Thousands of studies on how lighting affects humans have reported close links between the level of brightness and moods, health, diminished concentration and subdued productivity.

Yet few lighting companies have taken this evidence seriously enough to incorporate it into their lighting solutions.

In the Journal of Consumer Psychology, an article revealed that the brighter a room was, the more likely people were to think positively, find their companions attractive, prefer spicier food and even trade more energetically on the stock market. It was concluded that a greater lighting intensity may be subjectively associated with the perception of warmth and this in turn was likely to produce a more optimistic attitude amongst people.

Panasonic has dedicated the past few decades to creating advanced lighting solutions that result in more advanced lighting environments, including studies on the effect of light on human psychological and physiological health.

Analysis of the changes in brainwaves caused by differences in light has uncovered that the right lighting can have a therapeutic effect by lowering stress Ievels. Designing lighting solutions for people to reach a different level of comfort and experience the true notion of ideal lighting has therefore always been a goal for the company.

But what should be considered as "ideal lighting"? The answer is a well-balanced mixture of brightness, colour, temperature and more.

Enhancing the home environment with light

An advanced lighting system recognises that light is not necessary in every part of a home. After years of internal research, Panasonic understood that a balance between light and dark areas in a home can truly enhance the atmosphere. This applies especially to living spaces where people gather to relax and enjoy their personal time.

According to the company, when a home's lighting plan is, for instance, designed on relaxed indirect lighting, it can create a deeper sense of spaciousness while increasing the level of tranquillity.

Equally important is providing optimal light for non-leisure activities such as helping children with homework. It was discovered that daylight-coloured light is critical to eyesight when working with texts and a good lighting environment makes it easier to read fine print, which is beneficial when studying.

Customising a home's lighting layout to provide the appropriate amount of brightness in different spaces and at different times propelled the company to look beyond the traditional lux (is the SI unit of illuminance and luminous emittance) measurement of brightness.


Just like an orchestra employs a variety of instruments to create a melody, Panasonic's residential lighting method "Symphony Lighting" helps produce a more agreeable ambience throughout the home with an appropriate balance of devices, brightness, colour temperatures and shadow effects based on the design of the property.

With the support of Panasonic's lighting planners present in the company's showrooms, Interior designers who utilize Symphony Lighting in their projects to enhance the ambience of a space can also create energy efficient systems based on expert lighting design knowledge and LED techniques.

Symphony lighting hits the right notes

BBC writer Clemency Burton-Hill once wrote that "an orchestra's conductor is there to bring a musical score to life, communicating their own highly refined sense of the work through an individual language of gestures, which might sculpt the musical line, tease out nuances, emphasise certain musical elements while controlling others, and essentially re-imagine an old piece anew".

This is precisely what the Symphony Lighting design method achieves in living spaces. Your lighting layout can be designed with a variety of lighting fixtures, using a combination of direct, semi-direct, indirect and diffused lighting to create a well-balanced and unique atmosphere that adds value to your home.

Using varying light intensities and colours plus a selection of the right beam angles can help you create the desired atmosphere by teasing out certain ambiences in your home. In this way, Symphony Lighting can instantly transform a room to make it more attractive, comfortable and energy efficient.


Panasonic's lighting design services for both homes and commercial applications support your personal needs and are offered for your convenience in Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Japan.

For more information and detailed advice about our lighting design methods and lighting solutions, we invite you to visit us in our showrooms.