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Five solutions for smart living and town development

Blog post   •   Nov 26, 2015 15:00 +08

Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific recently hosted a Developers’ Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Almost 100 leading real estate developers attended the inaugural event, which provides a platform for industry knowledge sharing and networking, with the aim to enhance partnerships between Panasonic and real estate developers around Asia.

In case you missed it, here are five of the most noteworthy Panasonic solutions that were showcased at the forum.

1. A Green Room System for hotels

Aimed at helping hotels to combine guest satisfaction with higher energy savings, the Green Room System works by installing a tablet in each guestroom that features integrated control of the lighting and air conditioning, as well as a real-time display of electricity consumption in the room.

The concept has already been extremely effective: the Westin Beijing Financial Street hotel, which was one of the first to partner with Panasonic, found that implementing the Green Room System reduced its energy consumption by a staggering 30 per cent.

2. Light ID solution

Panasonic’s “Light ID solution” is a high-speed visible light communication technology that enables easy reception of information from LED lighting and signage panels – such as illuminated signboards and shop windows – by using a smartphone app.

When smartphone cameras are pointed at objects that are being illuminated by the LEDs, ID (identifiers) is transmitted and content is then downloaded to the smartphone. The technology boasts the advantages of easier detection than other reading methods such as QR codes or AR markers, a higher transmission rate and low interference from other Bluetooth or ultrasonic waves.

3. Space Player

Recognising the need for more options in the ambient lighting market, the Space Player is a new type of lighting equipment that combines the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors.

Designed like a spotlight, the Space Player features an adjustable body, a laser light source for 1000 lumens of brightness, a remote-controlled toggle between “lighting mode” and “projector mode”, and is easily installed on a wiring duct.

With possible applications for intimate concerts, restaurant ambience and attention-grabbing retail store promotions, the Space Player provides virtually endless versatile lighting options for most consumer markets.

4. Security solutions

For the retail sector, property management can now boost security surveillance with Panasonic’s range of 4K and 360-degree cameras that capture crisp, high-quality images. The new range of security surveillance and analytics products also features IP-based facial recognition technology, which allows retail developers to gain greater insight into customer behaviour than ever before.

Through a people-counting system and heat-mapping solution, property management can create more comfortable and productive visitor experiences while minimising security risks at the same time. The technology also allows access to data for marketing analysis, such as age information and gender evaluation of visitors. With such data, shopper traffic is easily shown in any location of the mall, boosting buy-in from tenants.

Property developers will also be interested in Panasonic’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology. This feature combines car-park management with security functionality by allowing a surveillance camera to detect the details of a number plate, which will then be fed into a database. The automation gives management tighter control over preventing unauthorised access while optimising operations and communicating potential threats.

5. Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST)

Spearheaded by Panasonic in collaboration with Fujisawa City, Japan and 11 partner companies, Fujisawa SST is a case study that features an entirely smart town with a thriving, closely knit community that is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the city.

Designed and built based on a 100-year vision of sustainable nurturing and development, Fujisawa SST today serves as a model for future towns. It also demonstrates the full range of solutions that Panasonic offers for smart cities – from energy management, mobile computing solutions, mobility and healthcare services to entertainment systems.

Mr Tai Lee Siang, vice chairman of the World Green Building Council and group managing director of Ong & Ong Pte Ltd, who was one of the keynote speakers at the Developers’ Forum, praised the concept of Fujisawa SST. “I don’t believe in megacities anymore,” he said. “I think they are out of control. It may be right politically, [and] it may be right economically, but from a social and integrated point of view, it has a lot of weaknesses.

“With technological solutions that are simpler and cheaper and affordable, you can make even a simple suburban town a sustainable one.”

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